If the IIQE insurance exam has more than one exam paper, which exam paper should I partake in first? How should I prioritise and organise my exam schedule?

June 15, 2021

Many students who are new to the insurance industry would ask us: “ Which paper should I take first when the Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination (IIQE) has that many papers? “


Which exam paper should I take first?

The Insurance Authority (AI) has no requirement for the order of passing the exam in all the qualification exam papers. Candidates can apply for different exam papers according to their needs and decide the order of their own. We recommend that students start with the paper 1 exam, because the paper 1 exam is the foundation, and many of the other papers are part of the content of the paper 1 exam, or an extension of a certain chapter of the paper 1 exam. Studying paper 1 allows the candidate to have a relatively macro and clearer mind map of various concepts, hence it is easier for the candidates to connect the different concepts.


Let me briefly talk about the characteristics of other IIQE exam papers


  • The examination content for paper 2 is an extension of general insurance. Generally speaking, the length of this exam is short but the content itself is more challenging compared to other papers; as it covers quite a broad spectrum of knowledge that does not have direct connections or similarities between each of the concepts. However, the first two chapters of the paper 2 exam have amounted to 80% of the entire paper. 


  • Paper 3’s content consists of an extension of long-term business examination topics, which in comparison is relatively short and easy to understand compared to other papers. In other words, paper 3 is the easiest paper among all 4 papers. 


  • Paper 5 is an exam for insurance intermediaries who sell investment-related insurance products. This paper contains a lot of economics, financial and risk-related examination topics; hence candidates will need to recite formulas and calculation methodologies. The length of the exam is relatively longer than other papers. As per the difficulty level of the paper 5’s exam, we would say that it is average in difficulty. The IIQE paper 5 exam has a high level of similarity with the HKSI LE paper 7 and 8. 


How can we help?

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