Reveal the Pass Rates and Difficulty Levels of EAQE & SQE

Many candidates who want to take part in the EAQE/SQE real estate exam will be shocked after seeing the statistics of the EAQE/SQE pass rate published by the EAA, and even refuse to take the exam. Let's reveal the relationship between the pass rate and difficulty of the EAQE/SQE exams in the following!

With reference to the official pass rate data from 2019 to February 2021, the average pass rate was around 20-30%. The EAQE pass rate was low as 9.1% in March 2019, and the highest pass rate during the period was only 34.9%. For SQE, the overall pass rate is a bit higher than that of the EAQE. The pass rate of SQE was as low as 13.3% in August 2019, but it rocketed to 53.7% in February 2021 for once. All in all, it can be indicated that the passing rates of the real estate examinations are low.

However, the reason the real estate test paper is challenging is because of the unclear  exam syllabus. A large amount of scattered information is included in the exam, such as A Study Guide to Estate Agency Law and Practice, Estate Agents Ordinance, Practice circulars etc. In addition, candidates who considered getting a pass in the paper need to pass both part 1 and part 2. Many candidates unfortunately failed because they answered with over 40% wrong answers in part 2 case analysis. In addition, the examination contains multiple-choice questions with 5 choices, which has a lower chance of answering one question correctly (one-fifth chance) than the securities and insurance examinations (one-quarter chance). Furthermore, although there are many exceptional cases in this world, most of the exams are focusing on the general ideas and the comprehension of the question designers. So some ambiguous answers require candidates to figure out how the question designer wants you to answer.

In fact, candidates don’t need to worry too much. Since the real estate industry has a lower entry threshold, there will be more and more students taking the exam. Many of them even take the exam without studying well, which drags down the pass rate. With a certain amount of effort and numerous practice, it is actually not impossible to get a pass.

2021 pass rate figures:

2020 pass rate figures:

2019 pass rate figures:

Suggested Study Method

The company recommends that students to use the following methods for reviewing

1. First read the “A Study Guide to Estate Agency Law and Practice” / a chapter of the company's Youtube teaching video

2. Complete the practice of one chapter of the mock test

This review method takes 20-25 hours, and our company has an 80% pass rate.

No statistics are available for other review methods.


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