Why do people still buy materials from 2CExam while HKSI provides free study notes?

June 29, 2022

In addition to organizing LE exams, the HKSI will also provide students who take the LE exam with the exam coverage called the Study Note. It depicts what is covered in the exam with hundreds of pages and full of paragraphs. It is lengthy and contains a lot of data and examples that will not appear in the exam. Thus, it requires the candidates’ intense concentration on digesting the key points.

Why is it recommended to buy test questions for practice?

In fact, the test questions are not indispensable. However, the opportunity to take the test and the time for study are also precious. If students want to study more thoroughly to secure a pass, you can do some exercises after learning new concepts. This helps you digest knowledge, teaches you how to think logically and use the unfamiliar knowledge flexibly. In the process of doing practice questions, it can deepen your impression. Thus, it is definitely helpful to do some practises after learning new things.

In addition, there are some well-designed traps in the mock test questions, so that students can grasp the feeling and taste of the exam before the exam, and learn how to deal with traps when they encounter some in the exam.

Can I only study the mock questions without reading the study note?

Some candidates do not want to spend too much time on preparing for the exam, thinking that the exam is not worth the effort, so they think that the mock questions alone should be enough. However, the longest way round is the nearest way home. In fact, test experts strongly advise against studying only the mock questions. Don’t just recite the questions. It is more efficient to  spend more time on comprehending the concepts, and take no shortcuts. All the effort can go to waste if the candidate only relies on memorizing the answer to the question without understanding the reason or principle behind it. Questions may appear on the exam with the structure changed, some words changed, the sentence reorganized, packaged into scenario-based questions, or they ask the principle or rationale behind, compare the relationship between different concepts, etc. Candidates who simply recite practise question answers have a high chance of not knowing how to answer because they do not have a deep understanding of the concept, or even choose the opposite answer and lose points.

In addition, the scope of the LE is very broad and wide while a human’s short-term memory is relatively unreliable. Normally, a human brain does not allow you to memorize so many concepts that you have not understood. There is a good chance that after you “memorise” the entire test question, the first half of the test has already been forgotten. The exam fee for LE is not cheap, so if you do not pass the exam you need to pay again and study again, in this way, the time cost will also increase. And you need to waste your precious time doing revision again. Therefore, candidates who are not gifted with photographic memory should not try to take risks and waste the exam fees and time by ignoring the study note.

Suggest a review method

The company recommends that students use the following methods to review

1. First study a chapter in the study note/ 2CExam’s Youtube teaching video

2. Complete the practice of one chapter of the mock test

This review method takes 20-25 hours, and our company has an 80% pass rate.

No statistics are available for other review methods.

How to buy mock test questions?

Students can browse www.2cexam.com.hk to purchase the physical version of the mock question banks or browse hksiiiqepasspaper.online to purchase the online version of the mock question banks.

How can we help?

2CExam provides HKSI LE, IIQE, EAQE and SQE related exam preparation materials. We sell mock question banks for HKSI LE Papers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 in Chinese and English; and bibles for HKSI LE Papers 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 in Chinese. We also offer 1 on 1 tutorial services. Besides, we have also made free tutorial videos for HKSI LE Papers 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 and posted them on public channels such as Youtube/ Bilibili/ Tencent/ Iqiyi. 2CExam has been an exam training expert for years. Should you need any help please visit www.2cexam.com or contact us through:

Phone +852 2110 9644 Email: [email protected] Wechat: hk2cexam WhatsApp: +852 9347 2064

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