Is success an Unattainable Ideal in the Real Estate Industry? 10 Benefits of Being in the Real Estate Industry Can Stimulate Your Capacity

June 16, 2022

Is it difficult to succeed in the real estate industry?

Living space is one of the indispensable elements in life. From the wealthy speculating and selling flats to ordinary people looking for a place to live, most Hong Kong people have the demand to rent or even invest in the real estate market. Hong Kong’s property market has basically remained hot for a long time, it is not too late to jump into the real estate industry.

Here are 10 more benefits of working in the real estate industry:

  • Professional image

In Hong Kong, most people will have the impression of professional, knowledgeable, intelligent, gentleman, etc. in the industry which wears a suit to work, while the real estate industry is well known for that. The commission is high, the popularity of the industry is good, and it is well-informed and willing to provide professional assistance to customers.

  • Make friends from the high-class

Making friends with rich people and gaining appreciation from ‘benefactors’ can definity increase your income and enhance your social network. Getting to know people from various classes can also be eye-opening, change your worldview, and improve your communication skills.

  • Assisting relatives and friends to find a good place to live 

When you grow up, the discussion topic is no longer about lunch, homework and tuition, but about life planning, which property has the latest transaction price, and how many feet to live after marriage. After joining the real estate industry, you can assist the one you care about, and recommend an ideal home and favorable store location for them. Having a deeper understanding of Hong Kong real estate in your work, you can buy a flat at a good price when necessary in the future.

Image source: ViuTV’s Ossan’s Love TV Series

  • Special Offers

It is well known that Hong Kong’s property prices are high, and it is also a fact that real estate brokers’ commissions are high. If you are involved in the real estate industry, you can make a lot of money when you buy a property for yourself. Commissions, bringing performance, and finding a good flat at the same time are simply killing two birds with one stone.

  • A more in-depth understanding of the terrain, area, conditions, and trade-offs when choosing Love Nest.

Buying a flat or renting a flat is not as simple as choosing a toy. Questions like where do you live, what are your neighbors nearby, where the windows and doors are facing, and what are the shortcomings of the building, what kind of design is most convenient for who’s life, etc. will directly and greatly influence the quality of life. As a real estate agent, you have to show different people various types of flats, and listen to countless evaluations and expectations. You must be more thoughtful when assisting in buying a property in the future. It is not so easy! 

  • Have a keener sense towards Hong Kong economic development

Hong Kong’s economy The pricing and transaction volume of different property prices are closely related to the ups and downs of Hong Kong’s economy. Therefore, you can easily grasp the economic trend of Hong Kong. Even if the risk may not be reversed in time, at least there is a good chance that excessive losses can be avoided.

  • Cultivate the sensitivity of contracts

It is common to get along with all kinds of data, search information and sales contracts. More exposure to different contracts in your daily job. These kinds of customer inquiries about contracts and contract-related news in the industry can improve your sensitivity to contract restrictions while these wordings can alert you in daily life in the future.

  • Expansion of network 

Whether it is sales or non-sales positions, most of the target customer groups are small and specific groups. For instance, most of 2CExam’s customers are the one preparing to enter financial, insurance and real estate industries or prepare for promotion in these industries. Another example is that tutoring agencies are students aged 17-18 and their parents who are facing HKDSE. On the contrary, there are many types of customers in the real estate industry. Whether young people or elders, they still need to buy and rent flats. Working class and Rolex class all need bricks and tiles to shelter from the wind and rain. A single woman, or a multi-billion-dollar executive of a multinational corporation can also be your client. Engaged in real estate sales can be said to have a superior interpersonal breadth.

  • Have a professional group for backup and support 

A real estate brokerage firm has a strong human support structure, no matter dull paperwork or complex marketing materials, your colleagues can act as a strong backup, allowing you to focus on discovering more and more potential clients.

  • Enhancement in legal knowledge

Since the real estate industry is a profession, practitioners need to learn all kinds of legal knowledge before entering the industry, such as estate agency regulations, first-hand sales regulations, contract law, conveyancing and property regulations, etc.

Why is it hard to have a quota for the Estate Agent Qualification Examination and the Estate Agent Salesperson Qualification Exam? One of the reasons is that the real estate industry is an industry worthy of your hard work, and it can also have unexpected breakthroughs in income. If you don’t know how to plan your career, or you want to join the real estate industry but are hesitant, you may wish to refer to the above personal opinions from our editors.

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