How do I apply for a license if I want to engage in the insurance industry? What conditions must I meet?

August 6, 2021


The insurance industry can not only help some people who may have urgent needs in the future, but also enables agents to possibly make a lot of money, as well as meet wealthy people, hence it is a very attractive profession. To go back to the basics, if a candidate wants to sell insurance policies, how should he/she apply for a license?


How many conditions must be met?


First of all, to apply for an insurance license, you need to meet the requirements of the “Fit and Proper” Guidelines (GL23/Guideline 23) and the Guidelines on  Continuing Professional Development for Licensed Insurance Intermediaries” (GL24/Guideline 24) under the Insurance Ordinance (Chapter 41) issued by the Insurance Authority . For example, it is necessary for you to take the IIQE (Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination) relevant examination papers and obtain passing results. 


For the exemption conditions of IIQE, please refer to the following article


Secondly, The financial status of the applicant will also be reviewed, and the applicant cannot be currently under bankruptcy status.


Thirdly, the integrity and reliability of the applicant will also be considered, such as the authenticity of the submitted information, histories of the candidate being disqualified as a company director by the court in any place, publicly condemned, punished or criticized by professional bodies or regulators in any place if any.


Fourthly, some people may wonder when the staff of the Insurance Authority do not know a particular candidate, how do they evaluate a candidate’s character? In fact, the staff of the IA will also view your past criminal records, the Monetary Authority/SFC/MPFA/other relevant agencies’ sanction records, as well as court records to ensure that a candidate has not committed frauds or any other professional misconduct.  


Fifthly, the applicant’s minimum academic qualifications requirements must be the equivalent to or higher than passing 5 subjects – including passing Chinese, Mathematics, or English and Mathematics in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination(HKCEE) or the HKDSE. For HKDSE the passing standard is of Level 2, and the passing grade for HKCEE is E. Combining the results of more than one exam year to meet this condition is acceptable.


For more detailed information, please refer to the “Fit and Proper” Guidelines (GL23/Guideline 23) and the Guidelines on  Continuing Professional Development for Licensed Insurance Intermediaries  ” (GL24/Guideline 24) under the Insurance Ordinance (Chapter 41) issued by the Insurance Authority: 


“Fit and Proper” Guidelines (GL23/Guideline 23)


Guidelines on  Continuing Professional Development for Licensed Insurance Intermediaries  ” (GL24/Guideline 24)


How to apply for a license?


After meeting the requirements of the “Guideline on Competence”, candidates then need to find a job in an insurance company or an insurance brokerage firm , then you need to check with the HR or the compliance department on what documents are required to be submitted. If you wish to be more meticulous, you can even prepare some necessary documents in advance. With that said, your company will negotiate the license application with the Insurance Authority for you. Since the IA will only process your personal license application through the company you’re working for, you need the help of your team’s HR or compliance department to submit your application. As for what documents you need to provide, you will need to consult your colleague who handles the application for you. Common documents include proof of education/work/professional qualifications. You also need to hand over your personal information such as the company information of your current director, criminal record, bankruptcy record, MPFA, SFC and HKMA Central Number/License Number (if any). 


After submitting all the documents to your company’s HR or colleagues in the compliance department, they then will submit your application to the IA and answer questions raised by the IA. Of course, they may also need your help in the process.


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